Thank you for shopping!   When you are viewing the larger photographs, please keep in mind that the settings are very high and there are blemishes and debris and so on that are not visible to the human eye. The photographs are that magnified.  If there are serious flaws such as scratches to the polished surface areas, this will be noted in the description. The price will reflect any flaws as well. However, if you would like to see more photographs, please contact us and we may be able to provide additional photographs.

In general, we ship out all items priority mail within 1 to 2 business days.  If it is a smaller piece, item will ship out first class mail.  We provide both tracking and insurance on all orders. And orders are packed securely in a box.

We take pride in providing excellent polishes to the surface of every slab. While some may be mirror, others may have close to mirror polish. This is due to the fact that the varying mineral content on slab surface (different colors represent various minerals overall) and each of the minerals represent varying degrees of hardness, sometimes making it almost impossible to actually get a full-mirror polish on the surface. At any rate, the polish on ALL specimens is always outstanding!

Shipping!  The cost is calculated when you place a specimen into the shopping cart. Often it isn’t exactly as quoted. No worries as we ship ONLY AT COST, and no more!  And, in general, it is probably a little less than the actual quote. We provide a quick refund of any shipping costs that run over the actual USPS rate.